Light plays a crucial role in our daily lives, helping to create a comfortable and fascinating atmosphere, which gives feelings of pleasure, wellbeing, charm and purity.
BIPALED not only means product distribution but above all continuous study, competence and passion.
For any requests, the technical office can assist the customer in lighting design choosing the best product and providing the desired result according to regulations. For each supply we will guarantee the uniformity of color.

Technological innovation, continuous research and development combined to the awareness that the light is crucial to the quality of life has led the Company to achieve and develop the perfect technique. We have designed and patented a series of aluminum profiles that have in their small size their strength, they are unique and precious, suitable for various functions and uses. Entirely Made in Italy with high quality. Quality not only in the raw materials but also in the creation of profiles designed according to customer needs.

We are located in Bra, Italy, immersed in the vineyards of Piedmont’ Langhe.

BIPALED s.r.l.
Via Gabotto, 31, 12042 – Bra (CN)
VAT nr. IT 03540260043

Tlf: +39 0172 423668

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