Additional Services

Design and customization make BIPALED a dynamic and flexible Company.

A tailored-made service is available to try to make the product as suitable as possible for the customer.

Some services offered relating to aluminum profiles:

  • CUT: cutting the profiles according to the required measurements or the indicated degrees
  • CABLE WIRING: with the possibility of choosing the type and length of the cable
  • RESIN: resin-coating and sealing aluminum profiles for outdoor applications. IP68 degree of protection  is reached. Resins available are resistant to high levels of salinity suitable for applications in the naval sector
  • PAINTING: possibility of choosing RAL, plated paints or faux wood paints

Some services offered relating to LED strip:

  • LIGHT TEMPERATURE: no limit to the production of specific degrees Kelvin. We guarantee the maintenance of BIN color from one production batch to another
  • COLOR RENDERING INDEX (CRI): different levels of CRI available from a minimum of 80 to a maximum of 95
  • LED STRIP LENGHT: possibility of producing LED strips in reels even below or above the standard of 5 linear meters

Finally, upon request, possibility to produce composite kit according to the specific needs of the customer (an example: LED strip for exhibitors powered with USB).

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