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AR111 cob bulb, 12V, 12W,
replacement 75-110W halogen

General characteristics

Lamp type: AR111 lamp
Lifespan: 35,000 hours
Lighting characteristics
CRI: 85
Beam angle: 38°
Light output: 2700K (1000), 4000K (1070), 5500K (1150)

Electrical characteristics

Power: 12W
Equivalent power: 75W
Power factor: >0.9
Operating voltage: 12V or 220V
Dimmable: No (optional)
Driver: integrated

Mechanical characteristics

Attack: G53
Dimensions: Ø111*69mm
Protection degree: IP20
Diffuser: semi-opaque PMMA
Lamp body: 6063 aluminium

Thermal characteristics

Operating temperature: -10° / +40° C

Certificates and guarantee

Certificates: CE, Rohs
Warranty: 2 years

Available Models

Code Description Add
BL-AR111-12-WW AR111 bulb, 12W, 2800K light
BL-AR111-12-NW AR111 bulb, 12W, 4200K light
BL-AR111-12-W AR111 bulb, 12W, 5500K light