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Waterproof ceiling light, ABS, 220V, IP 66/69
various powers, wide beam for large and low environments (height 2.5-5m)

General characteristics
Lamp type: ABS waterproof LED ceiling light
Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Lighting characteristics
CRI: 80
Beam angle: 60°
Available colors: 4000K (standard) optional 3000K, 5000K, 6500K

Electrical characteristics
Power factor: >0.9
Operating voltage: 220V
Dimmable: no (optional DALI)
Power supply: integrated Philips

Mechanical characteristics
Protection degree: IP66
Diffuser: anti-glare prismatic matt PMMA (no dotted effect)
Weight: 1.3kg

Thermal characteristics

Operating temperature: -20° / +50° C

Certificates and Warranty
Certificates: CE, Rohs, TUV, FCC
Warranty: 5 years

Available Models

Code Description Add
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-16 ABS ceiling light, 16W, 2580lm, 1175x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-20 ABS ceiling light, 20W, 3110lm, 1175x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-27 ABS ceiling light, 27W, 4350lm, 1175x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-38 ABS ceiling light, 38W, 6260lm, 1175x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-21 ABS ceiling light, 21W, 3240lm, 1455x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-24 ABS ceiling light, 24W, 3880lm, 1455x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-33 ABS ceiling light, 33W, 5420lm, 1455x90x106mm
BL-IND-LIN-ABS-45 ABS ceiling light, 45W, 7740lm, 1455x90x106mm