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Meanwell switching power supply IP67, 12V/24V, 60W

General description
Type of lamp: single-output encapsulated driver
Electrical characteristics
Output: 12V (5A-60W) – 24V (2.5A-60W)
Voltage: 12V – 24V
Input: 220V
Frequency range: 47-60Hz
Efficiency: 12V (83%) – 24V (86%)
Protections: overload, overvoltage, overtemperature, short circuit
Mechanichal characteristics
Dimesions: 162.5×42.5×32 mm
Case: fully isolated plastic case
Connection: cable
Protection class rate: IP67
Weight: 0,4kg
Thermal characteristics
Working temperature: -20° / +70° C
Certificates and warranty
Certificates: CE, Rohs, CB, TUB, RUS
Warranty: 2 years

Available Models

Code Description Add
BL-LPV-12-60 Power supply IP67, 12V, 60W
BL-LPV-24-60 Power supply IP67, 24V, 60W