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Modulo per insegna led (illuminazione lettere),
120°, 0,35W, IP65, 4000K

General description
Type of lamp: Modulo per insegne
Tempo di vita: 50.000 hours

Lighting characteristics
CRI: 80
Degree of emission: 120°
Lumen: 3000K (30lm), 4000K (36lm), 5500K (40lm)
Tipologia led: 2835 San’an

Electrical characteristics:
Potenza: 0,35W
Voltage: 12V (voltaggio costante)
Dimmable: no
Collegamento a catena: max 20 pezzi

Dimensions: 72*12.5*5.6mm
Protection class rate: IP65
Peso: 9,7gr

Thermal characteristics:
Working temperature: -25° / +65° C

Certificates and warranty:
Certificates: CE, Rohs, TUV, FCC, UL
Warranty: 3 years

Available Models

Code Description Add
BL-SIG-W03-WW Modulo per insegna W03, 3000K
BL-SIG-W03-NW Modulo per insegna W03, 4000K
BL-SIG-W03-W Modulo per insegna W03, 6000K